Somebody’s Watching You

How well does your friendly neighborhood advertiser know you? Rockwell may have been more than a cheesy eighties one-hit-wonder after all. Perhaps he was a true soothsayer instead of just a less-famous, Jackson family in-law. Think about it. Corporations and their advertisers process millions of pieces of data and sales information every day just toContinue reading “Somebody’s Watching You”

Everybody Wins a Trophy Day

Saturn has always been an odd duck of a company. From the beginning they branded themselves as being a “different kind of car company.” Saturn had the ads showing their salespeople not applying pressure in their showrooms but instead giving out donuts and back rubs. They boasted of their “no-haggle-actual-real-price” formula to ensure buyers never again feltContinue reading “Everybody Wins a Trophy Day”

Scared Straight: a PSA

I think it’s safe to say that drinking and driving has acquired a larger social stigma than it ever had before. Historically, it was not a biggie when tallying one’s significant lapses in judgment, (armed robbery, kidnapping, not recycling) but nowadays you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would even hint that hopping intoContinue reading “Scared Straight: a PSA”

Zoological Cannibalism

The fable. That time-honored method of telling stories using animals or similar to assist in making the inherent moral lessons go down easier. A good one successfully removes the viewer just far enough from the story to appreciate and ingest the message without threatening deeply held beliefs or prejudices too personally. On that note, perhapsContinue reading “Zoological Cannibalism”