I don’t like horror movies. They hold no attraction for me of any kind. I tend to believe that folks who enjoy such fare possess deep seated, anti-social tendencies which are masking severe emotional problems. In short, there is something seriously wrong with them. And when it comes to snakes, well they interest me even less. So why am I even considering going to see the new movie “Snakes on a Plane?” It must be advertising.

I have been hearing about this movie on and off for almost a year. The culprit has always been its ridiculously campy title. I mean really, “Snakes on a Plane?” The movie sounds as terrible as it does stupid. Even Hollywood displayed its own lack of confidence in the film’s potential by shooting it in Vancouver to keep costs down

No illusions on this one. “Snakes on a Plane” like “Revenge of the Nerds” or “Weekend at Bernie’s” makes a promise in the title that lays out everything you need to know about the film up front. No mystique or subtle word games here. There are snakes, and they are on a plane.

The countdown had started. I was intrigued, but still skeptical.

Then advertising attacked and I experienced the coolest sales gimmick ever. I received a personalized telephone call from Samuel L. Jackson telling me to get my butt to a theatre and see his movie or else. I am not kidding. On the official “Snakes on a Plane” website, www.snakesonaplane.com, you can send a telephone call from Sam Jackson to anyone you know. Just answer a few questions, provide a phone number and Samuel L. Jackson himself telephones you, your best friend, significant other, sister, baker, bookie, or whoever and specifically invites them to see the movie. This is just so super-neato whacko that I can’t believe it. You have got to try it.

What a positively brilliant marketing idea. They get me to provide the names and contact numbers of all my family and friends and then use the star of the movie to personally call and invite them to the show. The beautiful part is that the ad targets can’t even be angry about receiving the telephone solicitation because it came from their own family or friend. Talk about viral marketing. The technological aspect of the whole thing is almost beside the point. How amazing is it that Recorded Sam Jackson is making calls 12 hours a day to support his movie while Real Sam Jackson is probably chilling by the pool and drinking a Colt 45. What an awesome way to make use of an auto-dialer and its canned sales pitch.

I am beginning to feel obligated to see this thing. Nobody’s expecting a great movie. In fact, odds are that it will be painfully awful. The thing is, that’s beside the point now. Either you’re going to buy into the hype and get excited or you’re not. And speaking as an AdFool, when it comes to “Snakes on a Plane” I think you can probably write me up a boarding pass.

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