Vixen - A Maggie Deacon Adventure
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a Maggie Deacon Adventure

Maggie Deacon (aka Vixen) was one of the best cat burglars to work Europe. Now in her sixties, Maggie wants to enjoy the normal life, even as she misses the adrenaline of a heist. But when a friend’s humiliation by a charismatic billionaire forces her to action, Maggie’s choices pull her deep inside a cyclone of chaos involving a dead movie producer, his calculating widow, a mail-order mercenary, two arms dealing brothers, multiple Russian gangsters & one very sleazy art insurer. Toss in the most famous missing painting in the world and the normal life Maggie achieved may be gone forever.

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“Vixen is a masterful blend of suspense and wit where art and mystery intertwine to create a web of ambition, treachery and betrayal that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I could not put this book down.”
Gina LaGuardia, President, LaGuardia Media NYC
“Maggie Deacon is my spirit animal! I just love everything about this book. I can see the movie in my head.”
Sharlene Stewart, uber reader/author cheerleader
“I prayed this would be an audiobook. I still managed to love it. With his singular voice and unique characters Jarrod has created a story perfect for the plane, the beach or anywhere you’re ready to kick back and have fun. Please don’t tell me there’s a movie. I would have waited.”
Michael Gelbart, Comedian/Screenwriter

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